Your future success in Business relies on many factors, but the main factor is actually staying in business! Do not underestimate Cyber crime, it can put you out of business...Permanently!


There is no doubt that 2016 promises to be interesting for Cyber Security threats; what has happened in 2015 points to this. While 96% of UK firms have been hacked, many have not acted to protect themselves from hacking, a survey has revealed (


Cyber crime is one of the fastest growing forms of crime in the world and Businesses are increasingly dependent on IT for their everyday activities. Everyone is vulnerable!


Our team consists of entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate professionals, private mentors and trade consultants. Everyone of our team and extended business family have experience that can help you tight the threat of Cyber crime.


We hold regular Cyber Safety Workshops for Small to Medium Enterprises and have the ability to follow up with private consultations, Training Courses, Penetration testing, Vulnerablity testing and much more.


Our aim is to educate the SME sector from the sole trader to the small business with less than 250 employees. Help yourself by helping us fight the threat of Cyber crime.


We provide an array of workshops, classes and training courses in a number of subjects ranging from Cyber Safety in the Workplace through to Social Engineering Awareness classes.


We also provide private consultations in Cyber Analysis, Penetration and Vulnerability testing, Cyber Reconnaissance, Secret Shopper and Honey Pot Testing, Employee Surveillance, Network Surveillance and Cyber Forensics.


CYBA can also assist you after an attack with back-up support. re-installing operating systems, recovery of lost or damaged data, re-trtaining and setting up a new and improved security system.