Are you Cyber Safe?

Take a look at the four sections below and answer honestly. These questions are by no means an intensive scrutiny of your security measures, but they do form part of an overall checklist.


The truth is that you can never be 100% secure against Cyber threats, but by taking care of some simple do's and don'ts you will minimise the risk.

Software Updates

Do you always install the latest Software Updates?

Always download the latest software updates!


Your computer, tablet or smartphone may sometimes prompt you to let you know that a software update is available. While it’s easy to hit ‘cancel’ and go back to what you’re doing, the few minutes it takes to download and install the software updates could save you an enormous amount of time and trouble in the long run.


On top of having the most up to date security, software updates also usually include new features and functionality – so why wouldn’t you install them?


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Is your Firewall turned on and up to date?

Once a firewall is installed it can be given different settings to allow you access trusted material on your devices. The more dubious the material the less likely your firewall will let it through to your device.


Remember though, firewalls don’t protect against most viruses or malicious software introduced by, for example, plugging in an infected USB stick into your device or system.


Firewalls should always be used alongside other security software.


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Is your Password strong enough?

To create a strong password simply choose three random words. Numbers and symbols can still be used if needed, however, using three random words is the key to creating a strong password. (See


Your most important accounts are your email and online banking. With access to your email, hackers can take control of all your online accounts, by asking for the password to be reset, and use the information your email contains can easily be pieced together to create a profile of your identity.


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Security Software

Have you got Security Software Installed?

There are two main types of security software:


Security software packages:
These are full security packages that provide virus scans and other protection including a firewall, spam filtering and parental controls. Good quality free security software is available from many providers for computers and mobile devices, with an option to upgrade for additional functionality and technical support.


Antivirus / Antispyware scanners and malware removal software:
These scan your computers or mobile devices for existing infections and remove them. They can usually be set to check your system on a regular basis. As computers can appear to function normally when infected, it is a good idea to run these regularly in addition to installing antivirus software


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