Cyber Safety

What you need to know about Cyber Security

Cyber security is about protecting your computer-based equipment and information from unintended or unauthorised access, change, theft or destruction.


You’ve worked hard to build your business and make it a success. You’re probably using a range of IT equipment and using the internet to advertise your business and sell online.


The internet brings huge business opportunities and benefits, but it also brings risks. Every day there are cyber attacks on UK companies like yours, attempting to steal your information and money, or disrupt your business. It is increasingly important to manage these risks to take advantage of the internet whilst protecting your business.


You can keep your business safe and protect against online threats by
putting some simple measures in place:


1/ Make sure you get the basics right by always downloading software updates, using strong passwords and deleting suspicious emails.

2/ By understanding the risks to your business and managing them effectively, you can help to ensure all aspects of your business are protected against online threats.

3/ Cyber Essentials shows you how your business can protect against the common cyber threats seen online. Gaining the Cyber Essentials badge demonstrates your business takes this seriously.


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Video produced for the Offices of the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner, West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner and the West Midlands Regional Crime Unit.

"Security is a Business issue, not a Technical issue"
Quote taken from The Cyber Security Show 2015