Cyber Security and the Sole Trader

Ask a sole trader if he or she has a problem with Cyber crime and almost certainly you will get the answer..No! Ask if he or she has ever been hacked and again you will probably get a resounding No! So how do you convince a sole trader that they are just as much at risk as the blue chip company who has a lot more to steal?

Well it's not easy I can tell you from personal experience. However, I have my own experiences of being hacked a number of times both as a sole trader and an SME, albeit a long time ago, but it was still a costly experience. This does go some way to help me when I'm trying to explain to a small business about how soul destroying it can be when you realise you've been hacked!

The time it takes to recover and the costs involved can be huge and some businesses do not recover. So what I hear you asking are the Cyber criminals after? What have I got as a small business that is so valuable?

It's not always you that they are after; they could be after someone who you do business with or the hackers are simply placing Trojans on your work laptop and waiting for you to buy something online...Bank account emptied! This is not fear mongering it is real, bank accounts are being emptied, names and addresses are being stolen, company accounts are being looked at, competitor’s bids are being copied and more.

The small business has more to fear because you don't have an IT team on standby to put everything back together again, you don’t have sniffers in place, your security is not up to date, but 1,000 businesses equals one Blue chip!

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